What is a Digital Incubator and Who Should Apply?

What is a Digital Incubator?

The Gantzer Digital Incubator is a collection of early stage companies connecting from all corners of the world with the unified goal of launching a tech product. We use the traditional incubator model as a foundation and create a digital platform and forum to eliminate the need to uproot and move as a prerequisite to participate. We use a series of digital platforms to connect founders, coaches, software developers, and investors with the sole intent of incubating your idea and providing you with the tools to launch your product.


Our Goal is simple, we want to partner with founders to plan, architect, fund, and execute your vision by providing access to capital, strategic partners, and a development team. We are the conduit through which your idea and vision becomes a reality. Our coaches, our venture partners, and your fellow “incubees,” are highly invested in your success as you make the transition from idea to business.

Who Should Apply?

There is no “perfect” criteria but the Gantzer Incubator provides particular value to early stage companies looking to build an initial tech foundation and raise capital to fund an MVP. We work with companies to develop a foundation that a strategic early-stage investor will find value in. From conceptualization to MVP rollout, Gantzer is your partner to help guide you through the treacherous MVP/Proof of Concept phase. We give particular consideration to applicants who fall into the following three criteria:

Pre Tech

We specialize in helping entrepreneurs technically design their product and formalize their business from the earliest stages. Participants who have limited tech (demo/small MVP) or no tech product at all will extract the most value. We are searching for early stage founders seeking strategic partners to provide value early on in their journey.

Pre Funding

We want to connect incubator participants with funding through our vast network of early-stage investors. These investors value initial influence and are looking for businesses they can add early strategic value to. It’s common for our investors to fund your entire angel round for the sake of quickly proving and validating your idea. Although we can’t guarantee funding, we will put you in the best position possible to leverage the vast number of investment opportunities.

Market Disruption Potential

We are looking for companies that have a high likelihood of disrupting an entire industry or market. We shy away from products attempting to improve something existing, and focus on ideas we believe will revolutionize an existing market or create a new one altogether. We want to work with founders who have grand visions and expectations about the future.

Fundamentals – The Types of Companies We’re Looking For

Our focus is on growth industries that represent longterm potential. These industries include Healthcare, Biotech, AI, and Social. Although we’ll consider most companies that fall out of these industries, we give special considerations to these markets. Beyond these markets, we are looking for businesses that have the following core fundamentals.

A Scalable Business Model

We're looking for technology companies with the ability to scale inside of individual markets. The size of those markets should have a minimum value of at least $500 million. Understanding and conceptualizing your exit strategy from the start allows us to create a strategy and execute a plan to achieve it from the start. If there is no ability to scale, the likelihood of returning an investment is significantly diminished.

Limited Capital Requirements

We're looking for businesses where the technology and platform creates ultimate value. We steer away from organizations that require large inventory holdings, significant operational capital, and the need for substantial injections of cash. These businesses include large investments in hardware and companies that require forms of volume manufacturing.

A Feasible Exit Strategy

Although our initial process is focused on creating a strong foundation for your product, its important to think about plausible exit strategies. We'll discuss accusation strategies that we'll implement from the start to provide the largest advantage for the future. Tangibly creating an exit strategy will provide a unique value proposition for your early-stage investors assuming the greatest amount of risk.