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Gantzer Incubator FAQs


Q: How long is the Gantzer Incubator program?

A: The duration of the Gantzer Incubator is 8 weeks.


Q: Am I at risk at being admitted along with a competitor?

A: No, we go to great lengths to ensure there is no conflict of interest. Its very rare that we accept companies working in the same category/industry.


Q: What if my project/idea is larger than the other companies in my class?

A:  If you and our executive leadership team mutually decide that your tenure in the incubator needs to extend into the next class, we will make a special consideration on a case by case basis. If you do extend to the next class, we make sure we do not accept anyone related in your specific industry for that specific class


Q: How much funding do companies usually receive?

A: Each case is very different and relies on need and market potential. We’ve had founders raise as much as $250,000 and as little as $20,000. We can’t guarantee funding, but we work very hard to put you in the best position possible to maximize your funding potential. Funding can also come in the form of development credit where we cover anywhere from your entire development cost to small portions of it.